Parents Speak

“My daughter has a hard time in social situations and the guidance and confidence she feels from being part of the Boys and Girls Club has really helped.”

“It’s a place (the Club) that allows our daughter to socialize and spend time being active. She also gets to build skills she may not get at school.”

“They (the children) are learning a lot about dealing with situations in a calm and peaceful manner.”

“I like all of the volunteers and supervisors. The program has helped all 3 of my kids with social interaction and self confidence.”

Kids speak

“I like the activities and things! I love it!” – 8 year old member

“I love the club so much! Keep running it!” – 8 year old member

Teens Speak

“When I began going to the Keystone Program and volunteering in the Kid Way Program, I never thought club would take me where it has today. Club has offered me a place to be myself, a job, a scholarship, and so much more that I will carry with me my entire life. The club has provided me with guidance, patience and self discipline through my volunteer and staffing work. I’ve developed a strong connection to my community and the people within it in a way only possible through the club.” – A 17 year old member, volunteer and staff comments

“The Keystone Program has done so much for me. Before I started I was this shy, hating life, 12 year old girl who didn’t see much of a future for herself. My friend introduced me to the Boys and Girls Club and that changed my life greatly. I started to respect myself and started to love who I was. Four years later and I’m very big within Keystone and volunteering. I am less shy by going on the camps I’ve gone to, by meeting the people I’ve met, and in general the “bubble” I’ve come out of in the past four years is unforgettable. The amount of love and acceptance here is amazing and everyone deserves a chance to see where this club can take you. I would not be the person I am today if it wasn’t for the love and care of the staff and volunteers. I would not be a registered high school apprentice. I would not be the strong, outgoing person I have become. I truly believe this is the best place to be. You can be yourself and not be worried you’re going to be judged or discriminated against. This place rules and even when I age out (for membership), I will still be a part of it by volunteering. This place is a home to me. Everyone is family to me. I love them all and all of the connections I’ve made, whether it be with staff or simply with the children or others members of Keystone.” – A 16 year old member and volunteer comments