Membership Overview

Membership is required to access programs offered within the current program year.

  • Our program year runs from October through September.
  • Membership Applications (scroll for link) are accepted throughout the duration of the program year (subject to availability).
  • Space is limited and members are accepted on a first come first served basis.
  • The cost of membership is $20.00 per child/youth.
    • An additional program fee may apply to some programs.
  • BGC Camrose reserves the right to refuse or revoke membership if we are unable to reasonably accommodate the individual safety of the child or youth.
  • Tell us about any barriers preventing you from accessing our services; we may be able to help!

IMPORTANT: In our Membership Application, you will be asked to declare that you have read (links provided below), understood and accept / agree to our:

Membership Documents

(Membership Application / Transportation Agreement / Off-Site Activity Agreement)

Please DO NOT download, copy, print or email our online documents.


  • Open the document you want to complete by clicking on the link provided below.
  • Click on “Fill a Copy” (top right, blue button)
  • Login with your email address as per prompt
  • Click on “Fill a Copy” (you may be prompted to click “Fill a Copy” one more time)
  • Check box “I agree to use Electronic Records and Signatures”
  • Click on “Let’s do this” (green button)
  • Fill out the form.
  • Click “Finalize” button (top right)
    • IMPORTANT: “Finalize: button will only appear once ALL required fields are complete
  • Your completed document goes directly to BGC Camrose Administration
  • A BGC Camrose Representative will contact you as soon as possible

New Application Package Coming Soon!

Membership Application (Required for ALL Programs)
Off-Site Activity Agreement (Required for SOME Programs)
Transportation Agreement (Required for SOME Programs)